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Step up Your Gift Giving Game With These Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Step up Your Gift Giving Game With These Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Happy Holidays friends! We're got the Christmas Tree up, the stockings hung, and all plans cancelled for heading home this season. We're both from the mid west and this will be our first Christmas we spend together after 6 years! We've always gone back to our home towns for a week over the break and celebrate with each other before we leave. It'll be nice but definitely heart breaking to think we won't see family this year. All for the best though to keep everyone safe! 

Our presents started to arrive for each other and for family members this week, and I've begun wrapping mine in cute left over wrapping paper from last year. However, my fiance thinks it's OK to put Amazon boxes right under the tree and call it a day? Anyone else having this issue with their significant other? I guess I'll be wrapping MY OWN presents this year and then unwrapping them again Christmas day.  

I have to say though, with all of the extra time, and hitting the end of the wrapping roll, I am starting to look for extra special ways to wrap the remaining gifts. As usual, the more creative minds on the internet have given me inspiration but have left me with decision paralysis. I can't decide which cute option to go with! Check out these unique gift wrapping ideas:

Gingerbread Gift Tags: 

Gingerbread Gift Tags

Via Honestly Yum


Brown Craft Paper Ideas:

Paint up a storm and get crafty with your label makerCraft Paper Gift Wrapping Ideas

Via Almost Makes Perfect

Snowy White Paint Splatters

Brown Craft Paper Gift Wrapping

Via Studio Jasmine


White Sticker Snowball Bombs

Brown Craft Paper Gift Wrapping

Via Studio Jasmine


White Script Notes

Brown Craft Paper Gift Wrapping

Via Studio Jasmine


Add in Greenery

Greenery Gift Wrapping Ideas

Via Todays Creative Life


Experiment with dried fruit

Christmas Gifts with Dried Fruit

Via Keeping up with COCO


Use Pinecones for a little extra flare

 Pinecones on gift wrapping

Via Pinterest 


Make your own DIY Star Garland

DIY Star Garland on Presents



Use a Potato to create a design and stamp it on each gift

Christmas Present Wrapping Paper DIY

Via Fresh Mommy Blog


Get crafty with dried leaves or pine tree pieces from your yard 

Dried leaves on gift wrapping

Via Style Gifting


Label gifts with large letters (as long as there are no overlapping characters)

Gift Wrapping

Add a sweet treat to each gift

Candy Canes On Gift

Via Pinterest


Use a gold marker to decorate each package (This works for any gift giving time of year)


Gift Wrapping with Gold Stars

Via Lil Boo Blue


Use small branches from outside and a hot glue gun to make trees

Christmas tree Branches gift tags

Via Bloglovin

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