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6 Tips for Styling a Welcoming Entryway

6 Tips for Styling a Welcoming Entryway

Your entryway provides the first impression of the life inside your home. Not only should your guests feel welcome and at ease when they step inside, but you should, too! Whether you want inspirational quotes when you walk through the door or a zen white space, here’s a few tips and photos to guide your design process!


Clear the clutter

Don’t confuse cluttered for cozy. Stacks of junk mail, shoes, and garden tools won’t help you relax after a long day at work. Start by finding the right place for each item.

Of course, some of these things still need to be in the entryway (such as scarves, flip flops, or your daily running gear), but you can hide them in a beautiful basket or bin. Keys and sunglasses can go in a jar or box on the console table at the door. Build up the habit of putting mail in the right place (or the trash) immediately, and you’ll notice a quick change in your space!

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Let the light in

Let your guests feel light and airy when they enter you home by placing the entryway pieces near a window, or by choosing a front door with windows. If this isn’t an option, then add an easily-accessible lamp or light switch to brighten the mood.


A bench is always a good idea

Whether for storage or a place to sit and put on your shoes, a bench is a necessity in your entryway. This is just a quick way to make life easier for you and your guests. If you have a small entry space, consider a one-seat bench that can slide under a console table.

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Hooks vs. a coat rack

Guests will need a spot for their coats and hats, so hang a row of hooks along the wall (usually above the bench). Hooks save floor space when compared with a coat rack, and we love all the options to match your space. From reclaimed wood to metal anchors, you’ll find a fun selection to match your style.


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One last look

We’re talking about this space as an entryway, but you probably run out this door on the way to work or brunch. A mirror is a must to quickly check your hair or makeup on the way out. The reflective surface also adds to the light in the space, and can be as minimal, rustic, or quirky as you want it to be.

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Add your favorite things

Last but not least, this is ultimately your home, and you should see the things that make you happy first. This can include big artwork, fun photos, or a favorite quote that characterizes the personality you want in your home.

Maybe you want to be greeted by something living: refresh a vase of cut flowers every weekend or pick up a pretty potted plant (just make sure it gets good light!). We love the idea of featuring your fun collections in this space like the baskets shown above!


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