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6 Ways to Proudly Display One-of-a-Kind Textiles in Your Home

6 Ways to Proudly Display One-of-a-Kind Textiles in Your Home

Textiles are all around us. And we’ve become so accustomed to their common everyday use, their beauty is often taken for granted. Instead, the next time you come across gorgeous hand painted batik fabrics or Moroccan textile prints, give it some justice. Take the one-of-a-kind piece and incorporate it into your home. Stumped with ideas how to do so? Here are six ways you can proudly display your textiles.


1. Frame Fabric Like Artwork

Let’s say you own a piece of fabric that’s truly special. Perhaps it’s a handed down heirloom handkerchief. Maybe it’s a piece found during your travels. What better way than transform it a DIY fabric artwork. After, find the perfect place for it on a gallery wall or lean it on a floating shelf.

Source: House Tweaking


Framing Tip: To preserve vibrant, colorful threads from fading, choose a frame with ultraviolet protection and museum-quality glass. You can even replace the glass inside store-bought frames.


2. Interchangeable Textile Headboard

Switch out your bedroom decor quickly by hanging a tapestry in place of a headboard. This works exceptionally well if the bedroom is a tight space. You can accomplish this easily by mounting a dowel rod, curtain rod, or even a sturdy stick of bamboo or a found branch collected from right outside your own home.


Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors hangs this striking black and white tapestry as a casual headboard and at the foot of the bed.


Alternatively, you can take a headboard you already have in place and switch out fabrics throughout different seasons. Come spring, replace thick tapestries with wispy light textiles.




Same as the headboard, you can drape a tapestry over the footboard as well. Don’t have a footboard? Spread the textiles across the foot of the bed to add some color and softness.


Design Sponge sneak peak of the home of Elizabeth and Tim McTague

3. Draped Across a Chaise Sectional Sofa

A sectional sofa can take up a lot of visual space in a room. And the extended chaise can make a lounge area appear boxed in. Instead, drape a textile across the end of the longer chaise to adds interest and beckon you to curl up and relax.  



4. To Soften a Bench

Benches offer very versatile sitting. From a home’s entryway to seating at a dining table. Sometimes, they are made of hardwood materials and very stiff. If this bench style sounds like yours, cloak it with a textile. Not only will it soften the bench, but it will dress up the foyer or dining area.

Entryway designed by Alex Evjen of AVE Styles,


5. Play Hooks and Ladders

Hooks are an excellent and easy way to display textiles. Place hooks into a wall and hang a curtain rod or a stick found in nature. For an exceptional large fabric piece, a series of hooks, eye rings, and clamps can transform a textile into an eye-catching and wonderful piece of artwork.

Silk saris textiles from India hung by curtain rods. Designed for Mariza Scotch and Diery Prudent, by Murdock Solon Architects. Photo from Brownstone.


Ladders are a fantastic accessory and offer a way to hang towels or blankets in a small space. They offer a vertical height with several rungs, where textiles can also be stored away when not in use.

Design by Holly Marder of Avenue Lifestyle


6. With a Hanger

If you have a quilt or extra thick textile, these hangers are perfect! They can grip a fairly heavy fabric without the worry of it slipping out. Find these hangers at WellMade, where there are standard and custom sizes.

West Elm also offers this Louise Gray Quilt Hanger, which hangs textiles up to 54-inches.







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