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7 Ways to Style an Extra Long Lumbar Pillow

7 Ways to Style an Extra Long Lumbar Pillow

It’s no surprise that we know a thing or two about extra long lumbar pillows here at Homies. After all, they are our #1 seller.  But, these pillows aren’t just a saving grace for when you want to make your bed in a flash.

You can use them in so many other areas in the home, from the kitchen to your entryway. Plus, we’ve even got a few ideas on how you can style them in more than one way on the bed! Check out these seven ways you can style your lumbars at home.

1. One & Done

Faux Leather Extra Long Lumbar Pillow

Source (Featuring our Extra Long Mixed Faux Leather Pillow)


The simplest way to style either a 14x36 or 14x50 inch extra long lumbar on your bed is to plop it down right in the middle of your bed. Boom. Done!

This is for the lazy mornings and for those of us that would rather be sipping coffee in our living room while watching New girl than stacking half a dozen pillows based on size and karate chopping them each into oblivion. 


One Extra Long Lumbar Pillow
Source (Featuring our Extra Long Cognac Lumbar Pillow)
Extra Long Lumbar Pillow on Bed
Source: (Featuring our 14x50 Natural Safari Pillow)

2. On the Couch

Extra Long Lumbar On Couch

Featuring our Nude, Cream, and Black Striped Lumbar

A statement piece in the bedroom has now turned into a statement piece on the couch!

A 14x36 inch lumbar works perfectly nestled into the corner of any shape of couch. You can style it directly in the center, the corner, or right in the middle of an L shaped couch.


 Extra Long Lumbar on Couch
Source (Featuring our Off-white Striped Lumbar Pillow)

3. Style With a Set of Other Accent Pillows on the Bed

 Styled Extra Long Lumbar Pillow
Source (Featuring an extra long lumbar from our Batik Pillow Collection)


Pair your extra long lumbar pillow with a couple of additional accent pillows that are different patterns, textures, and sizes to create a fun layered look.


Extra Long Lumbar Pillows

Featuring our Large Blue & White Striped Extra Long Lumbar

4. Use on a Bench in Your Kitchen, Entryway or Foot of the Bed

Southwestern Blue Extra Long Lumbar Pillow


Benches need love too! Here's how you can style extra long lumbar pillows on them. 

Try adding lumbars to the bench seating in your kitchen nook for extra back support. You can also welcome guests with a cute pillow and a place to sit and remove their shoes on a bench in your entry way. 


Entryway Bench With Pillows


Finally, you can style an extra long lumbar pillow on a bench at the foot of your bed like below.  


Extra Long Lumbar Pillow On Bench In Front of Bed


No matter where the bench is in your bedroom, you can style it with an extra long lumbar pillow. Case in point, this gorgeous neutral bedroom featuring a bench with a lumbar pillow, pampas grass and is just bed adjacent.


Extra Long Lumbar on Bench


5. Combine an Extra Long Lumbar With a Small Lumbar

Extra Long Lumbar Pillow Styled


The extra long lumbar pillow doesn't always need to be front and center, even though it really does like the attention.

Combine one with a small lumbar in front of it to add a little extra flare. Here are the ways you can pull it off:

  • 14x50 inch pillow, with a 14x36 inch in front

  • 14x50 inch pillow, with a 14x22 inch in front

  • 14x36 inch pillow, with a 14x22 inch in front 

6. Pair Two Extra Long Lumbar Pillows on a King Sized Bed Or Couch

Extra Large Lumbar Pillows on King Bed

Not interested in having just one pillow or want it to stretch the entire length? This is the perfect solution. Our 14x50 pillows don’t quite make it all the way across on a King sized bed, but two 14x36 inch pillows do!


7. One Extra Long Lumbar Pillow Styled in Front of a Set of European Shams or Regular Pillow Shams

Extra Long Lumbar Pillow Styled


Style any size of extra long lumbar pillow with a set of large pillow shams behind it. These can be solid in color or have fun patterns like these indigo mud cloth shams above. Or try it with Euro shams instead. You can style two Euro shams behind a 14x36 lumbar, or two to three Euro shams behind a 14x50 inch lumbar.


ExtraLong LumbarWith Large Euro Shams

Source (Featuring our Natural Safari 14x50 Pillow)

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