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A Room by Room Guide for Choosing the Proper Rug Size

A Room by Room Guide for Choosing the Proper Rug Size

In the market for a new rug? One of the most highly asked questions when shopping for one is, “what size should I buy?” So many factors go into deciding the proper size, including the size of the room in general, and the other furniture that’s in the room. The great thing about choosing your rug size is that you often times have multiple options for the room. For example, your bed could have a rug much much larger than its size, one that is only half the size, or even two, one on each side.

The possibilities are endless, and sometimes just comes down to a personal preference. However, there still are a few rules to follow regardless of preference, so we’re breaking it down. AND we’ve put together a room by room guide for choosing the proper rug size, complete with visual references so you can choose which style is for you!

The basic Rug Rules to live by:


  • 6’x9’ rugs – Will fit a Full, Twin XL or Twin beds

  • 8’x10’ rugs – Will fit Queen, King, or California King-sized beds

Dining Room:

You need 18 to 24 inches on each side so you and your guests can slide chairs out and still have chair legs on the rug. Simply put, these sizes should work across the board:

  • 6 chair dining room tables - 8’x10’ rug

  • 8 chair dining room tables - 9’x12’ rug

  • 10 chair dining room tables - 10’x14’ rug

Living room:

  • Keep at least 18 inches floor exposed by the rug's edges.


King Size Bed - 76"x80"

Queen Size Bed - 60"x80"


Twin Size Bed - 54"x74"

Dining Room

Living Room

Includes a 7 foot couch for perspective




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