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Creative Gift Ideas to Add to Your Wedding Registry That Aren't 'Honey' Funds

Creative Gift Ideas to Add to Your Wedding Registry That Aren't 'Honey' Funds

We're officially 3 months out from getting married AGAIN! To be truthful, we've never been married. We're just 3 months out from getting married again due to postponement due to covid. Any other covid brides out there?  Finding new dates, sending out invites again, cancelling hotels, no one willing to give refunds.  We deserve an award for what we've gone through.

Anyway, here we are, back at it with the planning! I realize that lots of couples think adding things to the registry is one of the best parts about wedding planning. Your a kid in a candy store, pointing the registry gun at everything in sight, or clicking away on your online registry to add all of the goodies. For us, it was actually the last thing we even thought about. After all, we're 35 years old and we have everything we could possibly need! We're not college grads that are just moving in with each other for the first time and needing every single home and kitchen appliance. This home and all the junk in it has been years in the making. We're on our 2nd vacuum if that tells you anything! When I finally sat down to create our registry, I couldn't find anything we needed. I added a honeymoon fund, but I got scolded because that wasn't enough. PS. I've been told by many girl friends that not all wedding guests want to give you money as a gift and that we need to come up with some other items so that the older guests can buy something tangible. 

So, I started to think outside the box and found some things that we don't NEED but would be nice to have. You know, the things I wouldn't probably ever buy for myself, but if someone wants to gift me, I'm in! So, if you're like me and needing a few ideas to keep your gift giving guests happy, here you are:

 Beer Flight Tray

1. Beer Flight Tray - $29.99

If you're the type that loves to host and also loves beer, this is the perfect gift. Have friends over and crack open some cold ones for your own at home beer flight sampler.

Purchase or add to your registry from Amazon

 Floral Cooler

2. A Funky Cooler

Make beach, lake and park days better with the cutest of cute coolers from Business & Pleasure Co. I bought a similar pattern last year and LOVE it. It's guaranteed to get compliments from friends. Pay attention to the size though, definitely not the cooler to fit a meal and drinks for a family of 4. 

Purchase from Business & Pleasure Co. 


Black three piece suitcase set

3. A Three Piece Suitcase set with Dual Spin Wheels

Yes, I know. You probably already have a suit case. But is it hard shell? One of the best decisions I've made for travel in the last 5 years is getting a hard shell suit case. They are durable, don't show all the gunk and grime like the fabric suit cases do, and are wildly inexpensive for what you get. This set also has 2,400+ 5 Star reviews which is saying something. Get the set for your honeymoon adventures!

Purchase or add the set to your registry from Amazon.


Bamboo Cheese Board Set

4. Bamboo Cheese Board Set

Making charcuterie boards at home is fun and all, but have you ever made one outside of your home?! We gifted this cheese board set at a White Elephant Christmas exchange party this year and it was the gift that was stolen immediately and had people bargaining post party to try and get it. It's great for traveling if you want to go to the beach, lake, hike, etc, and has all your knives packed away nicely too!

Purchase or add the set to your registry from Amazon.


Hot Sauce Gift Subscription

5. Hot Sauce Subscription

If your a hot sauce connoisseur, this might just be your favorite gift to get, especially because it could end up coming every few months! There are a handful of hot sauce subscription boxes out there, but this one looks great and is featured on goop, The Today Show and Oprah magazine. 

For a 3 Month Subscription, its $86.85 and you get 3 bottles a month. Check our Fuego Box.  They also offer plenty of other box options! 


Our Place Pan

6. The Always Pan from Our Place

This little cutie is my absolute favorite pan to use in the kitchen. I got it for Christmas when they were offering a $50 off deal but if I ever needed another, would have no problem paying full price. It's my go to pan for making anything and is incredibly easy to clean. Not to mention it just looks GOOD sitting on top of the stove. They come in a variety of colors too! 

Check them out from Our Place


Espresso Machine

7. Espresso Machine for Two

Think of all of the money you'll save not going to Starbucks and all the energy you'll have when you have this beauty sitting on your countertop.  

 Purchase or add to your registry on Amazon.


Indoor Pizza Oven

8. Indoor Stove Top Pizza Oven

OK I've seen it all. I wanted a pizza oven for outside or on top of the grill, and low and behold, this one an Amazon converts your indoor gas range into an artisan pizza oven so you don't even have to step foot outside on a cool night.

Purchase or add to your registry on Amazon.


Drink Box

9. Shaker & Spoon Monthly Cocktail Box

If you've been wanting to step up your drink making skills, this might be your answer.  This monthly cocktail subscription gives you all the goods to make the perfect drinks at home without paying the 300% markup that bars add. Each month you'll get 3 unique recipes by top bartenders + everything you need to make 12 drinks (4 from each recipe) other than the liquor—syrups, bitters, mixers, garnishes & more.

Check it out on Shaker & Spoon.


Soda Stream

10. Soda Stream Sparking Water Maker

Stop spending a fortune on your sparking water addiction and start making your own at home. 

Check it out on Amazon.


What are some other creative ideas that you have seen on wedding registries or things you never thought you needed but glad you got?


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