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DIY: Fabric Art

DIY: Fabric Art

Dressing up your blank walls can be an overwhelming task. Finding a print or canvas you love and can actually afford is not easy. But have you ever come across a piece of fabric and thought, my GOD, that's gorgeous, I want to hang it on my wall? If you have, you're not the only one. It's becoming quite the trend for adding flare to your walls because of the low cost, especially if you are using a frame you've already got. The best part? You know that it's truly one-of-a-kind when you are the one sourcing the fabric and frame and doing it yourself.  

Need more inspiration? Check out how Sway Studio & House Tweaking are using it:

I'm currently rocking two pieces of mud cloth framed in my house, but am so happy to be creating this post today because it means I get to add another piece of artwork to my walls!  Today we're bringing you a fun weekend DIY project that will dress up your white walls, and leave you with a statement piece that has friends asking where you bought it. 

What you need:

  • A piece of fabric of your choice and size

  • A frame (You can use one you've already got, head to IKEA or Michaels or find the perfect size at Framebridge)

  • Fabric glue or Tape

  • Scissors

  • A Nail (For Hanging)

  • Hammer (For Hanging)

Step 1: Find a piece of fabric that you love

I used a piece of fabric that I purchased from Etsy. It had the exact colors I was looking for and a gorgeous pattern.  Mud cloth fabric has also become a trendy look for fabric art and can be purchased at lots of markets around Los Angeles, or Ebay, Africa Imports and other online retailers. I definitely recommend Etsy as a source to find a really unique fabric. 


Step 2: Cut

Cut it to the exact size you need based on your frame. Make sure it's larger than the opening of the matte so you can glue the fabric down to the back of the matte.

Step 3: Glue the fabric inside the frame

You have two options when putting the fabric in the frame:

1. You can hide the edges behind the matte. Works best if the edges of your fabric aren't exactly the cleanest cut.

2. You can also glue the fabric right on top of a full sized matte which creates somewhat of a floating fabric look. 


Hidden Edges


Exposed edges

Step 4: Carefully replace the matte and fabric

Make sure the glue has fully dried and most importantly the fabric is not crooked before you place it back in the frame.

Step 5: Find a home for your new piece of art

Hopefully you already had a space in mind before getting started, but now is the time to find a wall or even a table for your new fabric art to sit nicely on. Check out the finished product!


And if you're not up for the DIY project, you should definitely check out Loomology, where they sell framed textiles that are beyond gorgeous! These etsy crafters have fabric art for sale as well: Hibuscus Framed Art, CACO AND KAI.

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