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Get The Look: A Bright Globally Inspired Living Room

Get The Look: A Bright Globally Inspired Living Room

 This A-frame house remodel by Sarah Sherman Samuel in Palm Springs has the most beautiful before and after reveal, so we just had to put together a shopping list to pull off the entire look. If you've ever thought a layered rug is on odd concept, think again. This is one room that pulls off the layered rug look flawlessly. There's a nice mixture of mid century style that Palm Springs is so well known for and lots of great global elements too like the rattan chair and the floor cushion. It's a complete transformation from the before, so make sure to go check out her blog post to see where it all started! You won't be disappointed!

 Get The Look- A Bright Globally Inspired Living Room

 1. Gold Lamp / 2. Large Chunky Coffee Table / 3. Army Green Accent Chair


1. Neutral Couch / 2. Chandelier / 3. Nest Rattan Chair

1. Black & White Striped Rug / 2. Gold Urchin Table Accents / 3. Abstract Floor Cushion

Get the entire look for $3,481.43

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