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Inviting Spaces for Hanging Chairs

Inviting Spaces for Hanging Chairs

Hanging chairs have latched on as one of this year’s design trends and it’s no surprise why. Encapsulated and safely suspended in air with only a pillow between you and the floor—you’ll darn-well reach complete zen! But while inviting a place of rest, they’re also very stylish! These unique hanging chairs can add a bit of whimsy and character to our homes and transport us to that nostalgic age as children on a backyard wing. Adorned with sheepskin throws and mudcloth pillows, they look entirely at ease in any bohemian home, whether hung by structural beams in your globally-inspired living room or tree limbs in your small outdoor space.

And there are many more spaces to make a hanging chair retreat! Check them out below.

Indoor Spaces for Hanging Chairs

Hanging chairs add a cozy, private retreat to any room. They’re a spot—an escape pod, if you will—to get away and unwind how you see fit.     

In Bedrooms

This Moroccan-themed bedroom, styled in minimalistic decor and crisp whites, features a 1960’s classic hanging bubble chair with a blue Turkish towel draped inside.



Dropped From Exposed Beams

Hang your chair from exposed beams (provided they’re structurally sound, of course). Wrapped around a live-edge wood beam with a natural-fiber rope, this swinging chair is adorned with a fringed throw and several pillows.


Tucked in a cozy corner of this living room is the Knotted Melati Hanging Chair from Anthropologie.


In a Corner Nook

Grab a good book or magazine and curl up in a corner hanging chair. This hanging chair dangles in its own space, with indigo-dyed pillows and faux fur seat.  

Gorjana, a boho-chic jewelry store in Laguna Beach, California | Designed by Becki Owens Source: The Glitter Guide


A Window Seat with a View

This hanging chair tucked inside a bay window with cityscape panoramic views makes the perfect place to soak up sunshine, reflect on the day, or simply gaze at the streets below and people watch. This room offers a soft, shag-like rug for bare feet to touch. A few accent pillows and a throw invite you to unwind.   

Serena & Lily Hanging Rattan Chair

If you have a home with a sunroom or solarium, this makes a lovely space to hang a swinging chair. After sunset, light a hurricane lantern and bask in its romantic candlelight glow, decompressing from the day.


Sunroom of design project by Sean Litchfield


Outdoor Spaces for Hanging Chairs

A far cry from their predecessors, current-day hanging chairs offer materials made from faux poly-wicker to wrapped aluminum to stand against the outdoor elements. In other words, don’t be timid to hang these charming chairs inside a porch veranda or hefty tree limb above your garden terrace.


Porch Verandas

Enjoy the gentle breezes while dangling beneath a shady porch veranda or pergola. Make sure to add a nearby side table to place a crisp, refreshing drink. On chilly nights, drape a lightweight Turkish towel for warmth.

A double hanging chair -- the perfect amount of breathing room for hot summer days!


Dangle From a Tree Limb

While it’s not true forest bathing, hanging chairs beneath a tree is an ideal spot for relaxation as you hear the rustling leaves above. Pick a good hefty tree limb to support the weight, and add a few weather-resistant pillows you can leave inside the chair for your next escape. If you wish, drop some lanterns from the branch, too!

 Source / Backyard photographed by Stephen Busken


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