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Tips for Choosing Outdoor Furniture for Small Spaces

Tips for Choosing Outdoor Furniture for Small Spaces

Apartment living has its perks. No landscaping upkeep. No paying for a plumbing bill when the pipes burst. Being able to pick up and leave when your lease ends? Hell ya! But then of course, there are the downfalls, like tiny and in some cases non-existent balconies. Summer is around the corner though, and we want to kick back al fresco, listening to music and sipping frozen margaritas.

This week we're tackling the problem of finding furniture for those pesky, small outdoor spaces. 

Tip 1: Choose furniture that can be easily separated.

A two-person couch may not fit your 4 foot wide balcony, and can't exactly be broken up. But a multi-piece set, that we can work with! Both chairs can sit at opposite ends of the balcony and be easily moved when you are ready to use them. Three piece sets that include a small accent table work great in small spaces for this reason. Check out some of our favorites online:


Conn 3 Piece Seating Group with Cushions


Frederick 3 Piece Teak Seating Group

Frederick 3 Piece Teak Seating Group


Pollastri 3 Piece Conversation Set

Pollastri 3 Piece Conversation Set

Tip 2: Get creative with seating

You may not have enough space to fit a table for 4, but you can still comfortably seat 4 or more guests if you get creative with the seating. Your 3 piece set with coffee table can be surrounded with floor cushions to create extra seats for guests. You can also opt for no chairs and go super casual with everyone seated at the same level.

Alper Outdoor Coffee Table 

Alper Outdoor Coffee Table


Tip 3: Get furniture that has space to see thru

This exact tip works for any small space solve. You don't want to fill a tiny room with big bulky furniture like a giant chest as a coffee table. You want the furniture to have legs. And when it comes to tables, glass also makes a space not feel so tight.



Make stepping out onto your balcony feel like a happy hour at your favorite Mexican restaurant with this colorful dining set. Notice the glass and the chair legs for days? Space to see thru? CHECK!

Rhys Outdoor Dining Table


Tip 4: Opt for furniture that's on the small side

Often times, you don't need a much table space in order to make the space functional. Something large enough to allow a couple of drinks will usually do the trick. Outdoor side tables like this tile painted beauty are the perfect size.


These outdoor bar balcony sets are perfect to set some drinks and an app on while you enjoy the view and can attach to just about any balcony setup you've got. They also don't take up nearly as much space as other 3 piece sets.

 Caribbean Outdoor 3-piece Acacia Wood Balcony Bar Set by Christopher Knight Home


Tip 5: Purchase dual-purpose furniture

Look for furniture that doubles as storage and allows you to hide clutter. A bench that lifts to store blankets, beach toys, or anything else you want to hide is a great solution. This outdoor cooler from World Market can also serve as a bench if you have extra guests.

This coffee table from Urban Outfitters is also dual purpose and extends to offer a more comfortable seating experience, especially if you're working from home these days and are feeling the pain from hunching over a table. This allows the table to come to you! 

Uma Outdoor Coffee Table 

This outdoor patio table from Ikea goes from seating 2 to 4, making it the ultimate dual purpose piece of furniture. Tuck it away when it's just you, expand to fill the space when guests stop by.

Ikea Balcony Table

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