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Round Up: 21 Fun & Flirty Art Prints For Your Walls

Round Up: 21 Fun & Flirty Art Prints For Your Walls

The internet has made finding fun and affordable art easy. There are now unlimited ways to find art including Pinterest, stock photography websites and even pieces that can be download and printed right at home. Talk about convenience!  One of my absolute favorite places to find unique pieces is Society6.  Sorting by what is popular, photography vs illustration, price, landscape vs portrait, black and white - they've got it all. And the best part is that once you find a print you love, you can purchase it in a variety of sizes, so you don't need to worry about looking for the exact size for your frame. You also support the artists themselves with each purchase that you make. And if you find a design you love and would rather put it on a pillow instead, you can do that too because it's not just prints for your walls. 


Here are a few other places we love to find art on a budget:

We rounded up 21 of our favorite bright & fun boho prints from Society6 just for you:


1. Sunday / 2. Bunch Green Leaves / 3. Crossing The Street On a Rainy Day


1. Beverly II / 2. Boobs /  3. Kalemba II

1. Mara Hoffman Fall 17 / 2. Minimalist Woman Peach / 3. Alpacas

1. Moroccan Doors – Watermelon Palette / 2. Mischka /  3. Summah!


 1.  Green Riad / 2.  Pizza Party / 3. Pink!

 1.  Motel Pool / 2. Greece Bliss / 3. Arches


1. Waterfall Stop / 2. Worldwide Babes / 3. Green Riad


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