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Roundup: 20 Unique Queen Headboards Under $300

Roundup: 20 Unique Queen Headboards Under $300

Ahhhh that giddy feeling that comes with setting out to find the headboard of your dreams, at a cost that doesn’t break the bank, and accomplishing that goal. There’s nothing quite like it. I remember those college years of sleeping a on mattress, on the floor, with a poster adorning the wall above the bed. Did it serve as the headboard? Maybe. But back then, we didn’t have bed frames to attach headboards to, and even if we did, we probably couldn’t afford them. Plus, we didn’t have style! The boys in college put highlighters in empty alcohol bottles for crying out loud.
But now that I’m 33, I know the importance of a headboard and how it can bring the bedroom together. That doesn’t mean I don’t still love a good deal though. So, today, we’re rounding up 20 of the most unique headboards that you can buy under $300. Check them out!


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