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Roundup: The Classic White Armchair

Roundup: The Classic White Armchair

Picture this -  it's movie night. You've got a glass of your favorite wine, a bowl of popcorn, a box of [insert your favorite chocolate candy here], and a spacious, comfortable lounge chair all to yourself. That's what dreams are made of!


Let's face it. The classic white armchair has been around forever. And while you may think it's a total stain magnet, the brands that are creating the latest versions of these the beauties are keeping in mind that real people would ACTUALLY like to sit on them. Turns out they don't just sit in our "grand rooms" anymore to look pretty. They are using durable, stain resistant fabrics, or slip covers that are removable and easy to wash. AMEN!


This week, we're rounding up our favorite classic white armchairs that are budget friendly and perfect for those who don't like to share. Check out this list of white armchairs all under $1,500. 


Feather Filled Swivel Brynn Armchair -  $399


FÄRLÖV Armchair, Flodafors white


 FÄRLÖV Armchair, Flodafors white / $399

Check out the review of this chair by Chelsea of Making Home Base (Image Credit for Blog Thumbnail)



Willow Modern Slipcovered Chair

Willow Modern Slipcovered Chair /  $999



Coastal Living Siesta Key Slipcovered Swivel Chair 

Coastal Living Siesta Key Slipcovered Swivel Chair  / $1,215 (On sale)


Ava Slipcovered Chair & a Half

 Ava Slipcovered Chair & a Half /  $719 (On Sale)



Carly Armchair

Carly Armchair / $891.31 (On Sale)




PB English Arm Slipcovered Armchair

PB English Arm Slipcovered Armchair / $1449 (Depends on fabric choice and size)


Rundle T-Cushion Armchair Slipcover

Rundle T-Cushion Armchair Slipcover / $569.99 (On Sale)


Slipcovered Chair, White

Slipcovered Chair, White by Sunset Trading / $794.90 (On sale)


Arm Chair BARLOW White Black Belgium Wrinkle Linen Wooden Frame Wood

Arm Chair BARLOW White Black Belgium Wrinkle Linen Wooden Frame Wood / $1366


Do you have a favorite white armchair you just couldn't live without? Let us know in the comments below and we can add it to the list!


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