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Space Saving Lighting for Your Bedroom

Space Saving Lighting for Your Bedroom

If you’ve perused through home decor inspiration on Pinterest lately, you may have noticed a lighting trend happening in the form of, drum roll please…wall sconces! The thought of a wall sconce being used in my home never even crossed my mind until we had no choice but to use one. I thought they were reserved for older homes where floral wallpaper adorned the hallways and the smell of fresh baked cookies floated through the air. To get specific, I’m talking about my grandmas house. 

And while many of the sconces you come across online still reflect that antique style with a tiny shade, there are plenty of modern sconces to choose from! But I’ll get to that in a minute. When we moved last month, I knew two things were certain for our guest bedroom:

  1. We don’t have enough space to have sides tables on both sides of the bed. 
  2. My absolute favorite flea market find, a green safe, was going in this room.

    The problem with the safe was that it was so tall that it almost felt awkward to put a lamp on it. But we needed lighting in this room! A corner floor lamp wasn’t an option for us either due to a Peloton taking over one corner, and a closet in another. Then, the Pinterest Gods shined their light down on me and re-introduced me to the modern wall sconce. It was fun. It was flirty. It freed up the nightstand of clutter, and most importantly, it was something I could hang myself!

    We don’t own our home, so drilling into the walls and then actually wiring the lighting up was not an option. The route we chose to take was the one with sconces that physically plugged into a wall socket. I bought these brass sconces from Lamps Plus for $59 a piece. It took no more than 10 minutes to hang these babies and I am loving how they turned out. 

    Important: Make sure to check the description of the sconces you find online. Just because it shows a cord in the image doesn’t mean it actually plugs in to a wall. The cord is often times used to go into the wall and wire up to the light source. 

    The best part about corded sconces is you’ve got the power to choose if you want to show the cords or keep them hidden. More and more I am seeing bedrooms with them draped down the side of the wall. It’s the lazy-girls hanging method, and hey, I approve!

    Re-create the look of our spare bedroom below:

    1. 24" x 30" Joshua Tree Framed Print 

    2. Golden Brown Extra Long Lumbar Pillow - 14x50 

    3. Ivilon Drapery Curtain Clips with Rings

    4. Ivilon Drapery Window Curtain Rod

    5. Kaniel Button Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed

    6. Area Rug

    7. Bedding

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