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Looking For Light Fixtures? Look no Further Than Your Trusty Friend, Amazon

Looking For Light Fixtures? Look no Further Than Your Trusty Friend, Amazon

We're on month three of decorating our new home and I've been doing whatever I can to save a dime considering just how much we needed to buy to properly fill the rooms and make this place a home. I've made a few splurges like getting artwork from our favorite online art shop House of Spoils, and bought a light fixture from Crate & Barrel that I couldn't live without. But as the bank account number gets lower, I'm realizing I need to stop shopping with the big brands and start looking to my trusty old friend, Amazon.

I've always known Amazon has had its own branded products but didn't realize it went as far as light fixtures. We've made two lighting purchases so far and I feel obligated to share because I just LOVE the way they turned out, but more importantly, how little we had to spend on them. And I don't think I even need to mention the fact that we got the lights within a matter of days of ordering. I've cancelled plenty of other decor purchases since moving in when I get emails of delays of 6 weeks on goods that were already slated to be delivered 2 months out. The shipping times are just not working for me. 

Our guest bedroom is the room we decided to tackle first. After all, we moved to Lake Balboa, just outside of LA city limits and we want guests to come over and STAY, and also never leave. :) We removed the old light fixture and purchased this dome, which was really easy to install ourselves after getting a $300 quote to have someone do for us!


Rivet Single-Light Flush-Mount Ceiling Light with Metal Shade


Amazon Brand – Rivet Single-Light Flush-Mount Ceiling Light with Metal Shade, 7"H, Black and Brass Via Amazon: $52.60


Bedroom Amazon Dome Light



Next, we purchased another Amazon branded light fixture that was a similar style and complimented the dome light nicely.



Rivet Mid-Century Swiveling Wall Sconce


Amazon Brand – Rivet Mid-Century Swiveling Wall Sconce with Bulb, 11"H, Black and Antique Brass Via Amazon: $72.12


Amazon Wall Sconce Black
Amazon Wall Sconce Black Up Close


I was concerned at first that it might look cheap, but the brass plating looks very high end!


Amazon Wall Sconce Black and Black Dome Light


Here are a few additional Amazon light fixtures I added to cart but ultimately didn't purchase. 

Light Society LS-W279-BK Beaker Plug-in Wall Sconce in Matte Black
Amazon Brand – Rivet Mid-Century Swiveling Long Arms
Henveton Wall Sconces Mid Century Black Wall Mount Lamp
LMS Bathroom Light Fixtures, 2-Light Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture
Modo Lighting Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture 1-Light Gold
Savoy House 6-3350-14-322 Two Light Flush Mount
Eglo Lighting 204717A Lighting - Ceiling, 12-Inch, Gold
Amazon Brand – Rivet Mid-Century Swiveling Long Arms Pivoting Head Plug-In
Amazon Brand – Rivet Mid-Century Swiveling Long Arms, Pivoting Head
Hamilyeah 2 Light Bathroom Vanity Light




2-Light Vanity Lights Fixtures
Globe Vanity Light,2-Light Modern Industrial Globe Wall Sconce Light Fixtures
KCO Lighting Mid Century Modern Wall Lamp Mounted Sconce 2-Light Minimalist Raw Brass Fixture


We'll definitely be hitting the lighting department again for the other guest room/office and bathrooms. I'll update the post when we do!


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