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The Homies Website Has a Fresh New Look

The Homies Website Has a Fresh New Look

It's a new year, and Homies has a new look! This little online shop just finished getting work done, and the results are as Beyonce would describe, flawless…

If you've ever started a small business, this cinderella story may seem familiar to you. You have no money in the bank. You open a credit card to purchase inventory and a domain. You have ZERO clue what you are doing, so you read blogs and try to wing it. You can't afford to bring on employees, so you take on every task. Simply put, you skimp on every dollar you spend. A brand and custom website is not on the table. It's not even in the room. I may still run it all on my own without the extra help, but in a year filled with so many unknowns, I knew one thing was true - I needed to invest money into building a brand for Homies. And I may be biased, but it was worth every minute and penny!

PS. I have to give the biggest shout out to Kristen at Kristen Fulchi Design Studios for this gorgeous new look. I will be singing her praises for years to come. 

Our new logos


Homies Logo Rebrand

Five years ago, I purchased a font, typed out the word Homies, and called it a logo. Don't get me wrong, a logo that is purely built with a font is perfectly fine and hundreds of thousands of brands have one. But unfortunately, that's where the logo story for Homies ended. No other versions were ever created, and certainly no marks. I didn't touch it for years to come. But look at us now! We've got three gorgeous logos to use!  

Color palette

Color Palette

Color palette? What's that? I like green and black, let's go with those.

For years, I created emails and social media campaigns with a mix of colors that changed based on the day and how I was feeling. No rhyme or reason to any of the choices really. With Kristens help, we've been able to get a mix of neutrals that really represent the brand. 


Homies PatternsHomies Illustrations


A must have with this brand refresh was to create custom illustrations that represented products from the shop. I wanted something that added a little more fun and personality to the brand than simple photography. I'm in LOVE with the way they turned out and especially love how our Palm Springs home illustration pays homage to the logo we first started out with. 

New Features


Searching through hundreds of pillows page by page is not the best use of your time, which is why we've added filtering to our pillow collections. Now you can search by size, style, and color to quickly drill down the ever growing list and find the perfect one for your home. 

Try it out

Live Preview

Get the Look

No more second guessing yourself on whether or not something will look good in your room. On top of that, no more photoshopping it either! We've added a handy tool to the site that allows for pillows and art to be places in your actual space via mobile or desktop. All you need to do is click Live Preview on the product page to see it in action. There are three ways you can use the tool:

  1. Select a couch or bed we've already uploaded
  2. Upload a picture of your space on desktop or mobile
  3. Use your mobile phone to view it in real time with your phones camera. This only works in Mobile Safari, not Chrome. But the upload feature works great!

Get the Look 

Get the Looks

Pinterest and Instagram have made it so that a simple tap of a finger can lead you to a product page where you can 'Add to cart.' I'm happy to announce that you can now add Homies to the list of sites that have shoppable images too. We've created a 'Get the Look' section that allows you to click on a product in a photo and head straight to the product page. I LOVE getting tagged in your photos and seeing how you style our products in your homes. The hope of course, is that sharing helps inspire others with ways they can use our products in their homes as well.  

Get inspired by our customers, check it out for yourself.

I hope you guys love the new look as much as I do!

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