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Get The Look: The West Sides Most Instagrammable Cafe

Get The Look: The West Sides Most Instagrammable Cafe

#Vacationvibes are not happening anytime soon. In fact, #dinnervibes also just got shut down this week in Los Angeles due to Covid. In the meantime, we're doing what we can to support our favorite restaurants and get as much takeout as our waistlines can afford. One of our favorite west side spots for brunch, lunch and everything in between is Great White in Venice.


Great White Venice

It's Aussie inspired menu is a 10/10, but the inspiration didn't stop with the food. Located just across the street from the infamous VENICE sign, the cafe features oversized floor to ceiling doors that open up so you can sip your coffee while soaking in the sun. 


Great White Venice Instagram

Via Instagram


Great White Venice

Hanging above the dining room area is a plethora of rattan lanterns. We're loving everything about the decor and ambiance of this little spot. We love swooning over their Instagram account even more. Follow it here.

Great White Venice Food

Via Instagram


Great White Venice

Great White Venice Coffee

Via Instagram

This week, we thought it would be fun to re-create the look of the cafe, but for the home, minus the counter for ordering of course! 

Great White Venice Pancakes

Via Instagram


Great White Venice

Get the casual California look for your home by shopping the accessories below:


Hanging Lanterns:

Rattan Lanterns

Lantern 1 //  Lantern 2  //  Lantern 3 


Art work:

Artwork 1  //  Artwork 2  // Artwork 3


Seating - Short wooden stools:

 Short wooden stools

Stool 1  //  Stool 2  //  Stool 3

Seating - Tall wooden bar stools:

 Wooden bar Stools

Bar Stool 1 // Bar Stool 2 // Bar Stool 3


Kitchen Accessories

Wooden Accent Bowl // Terrazzo Planter // Large White Washed Bowl (Don't forget the citrus!)


Wooden Salt and Pepper Shakers

Shaker 1 //  Shaker 2  // Shaker 3 


Home Accessories

Dining table  //  Lazy Susan  // Carved Planter

 Kitchen Accessories

Wooden Plates //  Wooden Bowls  // Speckled Plates

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