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Throw A Beautiful Thanksgiving Together in a Hurry

Throw A Beautiful Thanksgiving Together in a Hurry

Maybe you just realized Thanksgiving is next week. Maybe your Thanksgiving plans fell through and you find yourself hosting a small group last minute. Maybe you just love to procrastinate because if gives you a rush! Either way, it's coming, and you need to get it together in a flash. There's nothing better than sitting down to a beautifully styled dinner table with good friends and good wine. There are plenty of ways to effortlessly style your table in a hurry.


Step 1: Pick a theme

Do you want to stick with fall colors like Orange, browns, and green? Or do you want to go with a completely different color palette? Do you want it to look really classy and sophisticated? Or do you want to go with more of a Bohemian theme? Here are some Thanksgiving table settings to help inspire you:

Bohemian - Moody

Moody Tablescape

Source: June Bug Weddings


Bohemian - Elegant

Blue Boho Tablescape

Source: Amy Abbott Events


 A neutral beachy setting with dried palms

Dried Florals tablescape

Source: Etsy


 A chic, colorful setting using fruits as accents

Thanksgiving Table Setting

Source: HelloFashionBlog

A simple fall colored setup with dried florals

Magic Linen Rust Tablescape

Source: Magin Linen


All white & woodsy

Woodsy White tablescape

Source: Etsy

Step 2: Setting the backdrop


Table Runner

A well styled table starts with a well placed backdrop. Cheese cloth runners are a great way to add a little flare to your holiday table and serves as a backdrop for all the pretty things you'll be adding.

Table Runners

 Runner 1 / Runner 2 / Runner 3 / Runner 4 



Speaking of pretty things to add to the table, candle are a must! You can go with small clear votive candles, or go a more dramatic route and use candle sticks. Check out these ombre colored sticks   

Colorful Candles

Green Candles / White Candles / Orange Candles


Candle Holders

Simple, sleek candle holders are always a good choice and they come in a variety of styles. Depending on how large or small your table is, you can choose between packs of 2, 3 or in some cases 6.  You can also find mixed metals if you find yourself unable to commit to a metal. 

Candle Holders

Candle Holder 1 / Candle Holder 2 / Candle Holder 3 / Candle Holder 4

Candle Holders

Candle Holder Left / Candle Holder Center / Candle Holder Right


Step 3: Setting the table


It goes without saying that you need something to put all of your food on. Using your standard dinner plates for the meal is perfectly acceptable and in fact, encouraged! However if you're in the market for new matching plates, these are fantastic options. The black ones are great if you are going for a more moody theme for your table too!

Dinner Plates

Dinner Plates Left / Dinner Plates Center / Dinner Plates Right

If your hosting a large group and don't have enough place settings for everyone, I definitely suggest going the disposable route. There are stylish options that aren't printed or branded with the Dixie logo. 

Disposable Dinner Plates

Dinner Plates Left / Dinner Plates Center / Dinner Plates Right


Now I know a fancy charger to go under your plate isn't necessary, but gosh darn-it, it looks so nice for a formal dinner! These chargers from Amazon are under $20 for 8, and they are re-usable, so you can use them for all of your future hosting gigs. 

Plate Charger

Plate Chargers

Chargers 1Chargers 2 / Chargers 3 / Chargers 4

Charger Plates

Charger 1 / Charger 2 / Charger 3 / Charger 4



Paper towels might not be the best way to dress your table for this one. Go a little fancier by using a solid linen napkin or another pattern that fits your theme.  



Blue linen / White Linen / Mulberry Linen Linen Napkins

Sage Napkin / Brown Napkin / Hazelnut Brown Napkin


Water Goblets

You may be serving copious amounts of wine at your dinner table, but it's also good to keep the guests hydrated. There are so many beautiful styles of water goblets to fit any style of dinner your serving. You can go the fancier route by having gold rimmed goblets or keep it casual with something more simple. You can also skip the goblet route and serve water in your standard water glasses. The table will look beautiful either way. 

 Water Goblets

Water Goblet LeftWater Goblet Center / Water Goblet Right



Serving salads and casseroles with small soup spoons will get the job but can slow down your buffet line when everyone requires multiple scoops to get their preferred helping. Having a nice matching set of serving spoons will keep the line moving and will look great at the same time.


Serving set left / Serving set center / Serving set right

I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving with your friends and family this year!


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