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What We're Loving: November Edition

What We're Loving: November Edition

Welcome to the 5th installment of What We're Loving!  Each month, we'll be sharing all the inspiring home decor and trends we've stumbled upon and felt compelled to share this month. Check back every month to see what's inspiring us.


Upgraded Bunk Beds

The double bunk beds your dad made for you back in the day do not stand up to the upgraded bunks we are seeing today. And you can forget about a tiny twin mattress. These beds are rocking Full and Queen mattresses and are even built into the walls! Princess comforters have been replaced with mature linen bedding. 


Stylish bunk beds

Via Becki Owens


Bunk Beds

Via My Scandinavian Home


Bunk Beds

Via Domino

 Adult Bunk Beds

Via Studio Mcgee

Bunk Beds

Via Becki Owens

A New Take on Christmas Tree Decorations

What ever happened to a simple Christmas tree with a specialized theme? Red & white tinsel? Rainbow colored lights? A ornaments you've purchased over the years at random places you've visited? Well, these Christmas Tree Decorators are changing up the game.


Boho Christmas TreeBoho Christmas Tree

 Via The House Of Hood


A floating Christmas tree

Floating Christmas Tree

Via Erena Tepaa

Pampas Grass Christmas Tree

Pampas Grass Christmas Tree

Via Elari Events


Pampas Grass Christmas Tree

Via Ten Point Floral Design


A Floral Christmas Tree Fit For Spring

Floral Christmas Tree

Via Martha Stewart


Stylish at home gyms

When the gyms are closed, we get crafty with our at home gym decor. From wall paper to chandeliers, these ideas have us inspired to work out more!

At home gym

Via Self

 At Home gym design

Via Stagg Design


At home gym

Wall mounted grid via Design Milk


At home gym

Via NY Times


At home gym



At home gym

Via Jenny Reimold


Green Marble

For the kitchen

Emerald Green Kitchen Counter Tops

Via Twitter

For the bathroom

Green Marble Wall Bathroom

Via Pinterest

Welcome to the Spa (AKA your bathroom!?)

Green Marble Bathroom Via Emily Henderson

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