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What We're Loving: September Edition

What We're Loving: September Edition

 Welcome to the 3rd installment of What We're Loving!  Each month, we'll be sharing all the things we stumbled upon and felt compelled to share this month. We're talking recipes, products, new books, and most importantly, decor. Check back every month to see what's inspiring us.


A Modern DIY Bathroom Organizer from Paper & Stitch

I love the idea of a DIY organizer, especially when you've got a small space to work with and want to stray away of those icky shiny metal organizers. The raw/natural look of it is great, but imagine would it could look like if you took it a step further with black paint. Check out their post on how to make it yourself here.

Modern DIY Bathroom Organizer


Sunburst Door Handle 

I stumbled upon these uniquely designed door handles this week and am in LOVE. You can purchase here. They can be made custom for any width of door too!

 Sun Burst Door Handle


Abstract Peel & Stick Wallpaper 

Imagine each time you needed to do laundry, you could walk into this space? It would go from one of the most annoying house chores to one of the most pleasant in a matter of seconds. It's bold and might not be best for a common space in the home, but laundry, kids room or nursery are a perfect place to experiment with something wild. And when it's peel and stick, you've got nothing to lose! You can get it here on Etsy.

Peel & Stick Wallpaper 


A 70's Style Sunken Living Room But For The Outdoors

I've never stepped foot into a 70's style sunken living room but have seen my fair share of them in movies. They seem a little hard to decorate with furniture but are a great place to gather a group for a party. Which is why this outdoor sunken space is calling my name. 

Outdoor Sunken Space


DIY Fluting Tables

I'm starting to see these gorgeous dining tables popping up on Instagram and Pinterest and while the real deals can cost $4600+, there are so many DIY articles coming out to show us how to make it happen for WAY less.  Check out these two DIY table projects you can tackle this weekend:

DIY Fluting Table

Via Britdotdesign


DIY Fluting Table




Terrazzo Bathroom Tile 

Terrazzo patterns are popping up all over the place but this bold look in bathrooms is really catching my eye. 

Terrazzo Clay Bathroom

Image via Pinterest


Terrazzo Bathroom

Via Pinterest


Terrazzo bathroom

Via Pinterest


Terrazzo Tile

via Behance

Terrazzo Bathroom

Via Behance


Terrazzo Bathroom



I hope you enjoyed! Until next month!


PS. Keep in mind that we may receive small commissions when you click the links in our blog posts and make purchases. It helps keep this 'lil blog going! 

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